Knitting gifts for baby and more!

Knitting for beginners…..

Many of us want to be doing something useful even if we are free from work and other duties in life.

There are of course many things we could think about doing but have you ever considered start knitting?

To knit I very popular today and is so rewarding since you both are creating something, which is very stimulating, but you also create something useful both for yourself and for other people.

So many people all over the world are enjoying this craft, so why not start a project yourself?

Maybe you already know how to, many of us learned from our grannies, or maybe even in school. I learned from my mother’s friend…and still today I benefit from what she taught me.

If you have already learned the basics of knitting, the only thing you need is a good, not too advanced knitting pattern and then you could start making something nice today!

Something I like to make when just wanting to knit something small and fast is to knit toy for the small ones in my family.

Knitted toys are so easy to make, not so big and so very fun to give as a gift. And  there are many, many knitted toys pattern out there for us to enjoy, You can use find some free, really nice knit toys patterns that will give you the opportunity to knit small animals, dolls etc. without a huge cost.

Click Here for more on Knitted Toys Patterns:


Knitting Gifts for family and friends!

That is another great advantage with the hobby of  knitting; it doesn’t need to cost a fortune while starting. If you can find a yarn that is on sale, and a free pattern; the cost for the gift you make is very small. Good if you right now feel you are on a budget.

In fact, all baby projects are great when you are a beginner of knitting. They are small, often simple and that means you will work the baby knitting clothes up very fast. And we don’t have to forget our beloved baby knitting blankets that are absolutely adorable.

If you have family members with kids, or maybe some other family you know that would love a homemade blanket or dress or something for the baby, I a sure they will be so glad to receive something hand knitted by you!

To receive hand-knitted gifts is awesome.. it makes the person who gets the gift feel very special.


More ideas for knitting gifts

If you begin with baby knitting, you might consider going further with other projects. There are so many possibilities for you and you will have many chances to be creative and make lovely things.

Just think about it; while you sit with your family watching TV you could be knitting hats, socks, sweaters, shawl and many other things. No more feeling of wasting time as a coach potato! Yes, I am serious! I can not be the only one feeling that I should do something better with my life that sitting watching TV all night? On the other hand – I know we need time to relax, and I now it is great to spend time at home with the family, but what if I can do that and on the same time be productive practicing my favorite thing: knitting!

Just think  about it…knitted shawls…perfect knit, since you often will not be bound checking your pattern all the time. The same with knitted shawls and blanket patterns. There should be no problem for you knitting and on the same time keep an eye on the TV news.

All since the time of our grandmothers, knitting blankets has been a great thing to do! They knitted the blanket to keep the family warm during the long, hard winter. maybe we are not in the same situation today with our heated house, but we still long for something warm and cozy, that is also beautiful to look at. So knit a blanket to give as a knitting gift is absolutely perfect! Everyone would be delighted to get one!

And to be honest… if you learn how to knit a blanket and you start knit and give them to your friends, you will give them so much more than just a blanket… will give them love and care, and they will also feel that you really put some effort into making something really special to them! Things like that will keep relationships warm!

Here you can find tips and ideas:

One other classic gift to knit for your friends would be to knit socks. Learn how to knit socks can be a little bit tricky but not at all impossible for he who really try. Just think about it; giving people you love some colorful socks will really be a special gift!



Square Potholder Pattern

Square Potholder Pattern

This is a classic, simple pattern

MATERIALS: CLARK’S O.N.T. COTTON RUG YARN, 1 ball each of a light, and a dark color.

Clark’s O.N.T. Rug and Afghan Hook, size G.

This amount is sufficient for 5 pot holders.

With dark color, make a chain 7 inches long.

1st row: S c in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch across, until piece measures 6 inches. Drop dark color.

2nd row: Attach light color, ch 3, turn, d c in each s c across. Drop light color.

3rd row: Starting at same end as beginning of last row, pick up dark color, ch 1, and work an s c between each d c across. Drop dark color.

4th row: Pick up light color, ch 3, turn, d c in each s c across. Drop dark color. Repeat the last 2 rows alternately, until piece is square. Fasten off.

Attach dark color to turning ch of first row and work a row of s c closely together around remaining 3 sides, making a ch-10 loop at one corner. For other pot holders reverse colors if desired.